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Beginner photography guide is full of photography tips and detailed, easy to understand, explanations.

  • Is a new camera really exciting until you unpack the box and take a second look at everything?
  • Does it feel like looking for a secret compartment as you discover where to load the battery and the memory card in your new camera?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and excited at the same time, isn't it?

And then there are all of those buttons and dials - how will you ever figure it all out?

As if that's not enough you may hear people mention photography terms such as digital SLR, or DSLR.

So to add to the confusion you may now wonder "what does SLR stand for?" 

If you want to have fun, develop your own style and learn how to take better  pictures you've come to the right place.

Beginner Photography Guide's mission is to help you easily understand photography so that you can be out having fun and taking great photos.

Instead of feeling frustrated you'll find all of the encouragement you need right here.

As you continually progress photography techniques will become a breeze to understand.

Do the features on your camera confuse you?

What if you could finally understand, and use with confidence, digital SLR features such as the mode dial on your camera?

It's the (up until now) mysterious dial with letters, and your camera may have little graphic images too.

And contrary to what you may think, your camera won't self destruct if you turn dials and press buttons!

Even the dreaded manual will begin to make sense!

As you learn how to take great photos, having fun and building confidence in your photography taking ability will naturally unfold.

Amaze your family and friends as you discover easy to understand photography definitions.

I hope you're getting the message that on Beginner Photography Guide you'll find fun, friendly, easy to understand content.

Speaking of fun...

If you think fast cars are fun just wait until you get your hands on a fast lens!

Where to begin if you're not sure where to begin.

Getting Started

This Navigation Bar heading (on left side of page) is about the camera. 

For example, have you ever noticed the numbers on a SLR lens and wondered what they mean?

Or you'd like to know what some of the buttons and dials do?

Getting Started will help you with things like this.

What else?

Beginning Tips

Beginning tips is about taking the photograph and helps you go from frustration to fun and know-how!

Discover a few simple composition tips on your way to creating stunning images!

Tired of Auto?

Beginner Photography Guide - Beginning Tips will walk you through getting off auto, one easy step after another.

You will discover how to correct exposure frustrations  such as the improvement seen in the left image.

The map.

Help for navigating Beginner Photography Guide website.

Index Photography


This is where you can easily find pages which relate to actually taking photographs.

You'll find topics such as "Composition; an introduction."

Are you photographs blurry sometimes and you're not sure why?

"Camera shake; tips and techniques help"is where you need to look.

What if you don't know what you're looking for?

Check for the topic in the Index (see Navigation headings on left side of page).

Index Camera


This refers to the camera.

You'll find topic such as "SLR; SLR or point and shoot -what's the difference?"

"Diopter; how to adjust the viewfinder diopter."

If you have a digital SLR think of the viewfinder diopter as a magic trick to help you see more clearly when looking through the viewfinder.

You'll even find topics about other things, such as insurance.

What if you have a compact camera, point-and-shoot?

Some topics may not apply directly to the type of camera you have, such as the fast lens, or numbers on the lens.

However, topics such as formatting the memory card definitely apply to both compact point-and-shoot cameras as well as digital SLR cameras.

I hope you enjoy Beginner Photography Guide website and have fun learning more about photography and your camera.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions for topics and comments regarding ease, or not, of understanding the information you find on this website.                                                  

Finally, you will find tips, stories and more at Beginner Blog and you're invited to check there regularly (found at the top left corner of the page).   

Please be advised that in adhering to Beginner-Photography-Guide Terms of Use only content specifically identified printable accompanied with a text link to a PDF file gives you permission to print and for personal use only.   

P.S. Do I know there are text duplications at the bottom of some of my web site pages?

Thank you for pointing this out!

It's the result of this website currently being "under construction" with all kinds of additional website building features now available.

This means I am over-hauling every single page and due to the ability to post information literally site wide some duplications are sneaking by me, at least until I get to every single page.

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Index Camera...

You'll find it near the top of the Navigation Bar on the left side of the page.

Search alphabetically to find answers to your:

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Camera questions.

Index Photography...

You'll find it below Index Camera.

Search alphabetically to find topics about photography to help you take great photos.

And for help with topics such as:

"Why didn't my photo tun out?"

How to take better pictures.

What Does SLR Stand For?

About the Mode Dial

Photography Definitions

Fast Lens


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Thank you for your patience -  it's a big job all by myself!

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